About ZMG

Zenith Music Group provides over 40 years of collective management experience, an umbrella corporate infrastructure and capital to our portfolio of fully and partially owned entertainment companies, venues, festivals, technologies and other complimentary businesses.

Lead by serial entertainment entrepreneur Chris Bauman, ZMG has consolidated the best of independent music on an global scale – taking an equity position in each company while at the same time allowing each brand to retain what made them extraordinary in the first place – independence.

Making An Impact

ZMG Works With:

  • National & International Tours
  • Talent Agencies
  • Music Venues
  • Brands & Sponsors
  • Emerging / Local Talent
  • Government Agencies
  • Music Festivals
  • Real Estate Investment Funds

We create, invest in, acquire and connect with entertainment companies that compliment our portfolio.


We would love to make that happen! Please call (312) 601-9975 or email [email protected]

Please visit our events page at zenithmusicgoup.com/events